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Jeg er TIM!!!

Tim, eller Mister Mortimer av Kennel Cafrida har en sentral plass i våre liv. Derfor er han her, og gjennom hans øyne, vil vi forsøke å dele litt av hans hverdag med dere...

You left and forgot to tell our hearts how to go on without you…

Dagligdags Posted on 04 Apr, 2019 23:37:59

They say there is a reason,

they say that time will heal,

but neither time nor reason,

will change the way we feel.

For no-one knows the heartache,

that lies behind our smiles,

no-one knows how many times

we’ve broken down and cried.

We want to tell you something

so there won’t be any doubt,

You’re so wonderful to think of,

but so hard to be without.

You no longer greet us

as we walk through the door.

You’re not there to make us smile,

to make us laugh anymore.

Life seems quiet without you,

you were far more that a pet.

You were a family member, a friend,

a loving soul we’ll never forget.

It will take time to heal,

for the silence to go away.

We still listen for you,

and miss you every day.

You were such a great companion,

constant, loyal and true.

Our hearts will always wear

The pawprints left by you.

It broke our hearts to lose you,

but you did not go alone.

A part of us went with you,

the day you left our home.

If tears could build a stairway,

and heartaches make a lane,

We’d walk our way to heaven

and bring you back again.

In life we loved you dearly,

in death we love you still.

In our hearts you hold a place

no one could ever fill.

Yet the hardest part of losing you wasn’t the day we said goodbye.

It’s the way our entire world changes without you and the emptiness and silence that’s left.

No longer by our sides but forever in our hearts.
You are a star now.

Sender stafettpinnen videre

Dagligdags Posted on 04 Apr, 2019 23:36:01

På bursdagen til Todd – 17.03.2019 – leverte jeg stafettpinnen videre til Manda.
Det gikk så veldig fort på slutten.
Jeg rakk ikke engang å ta farvel med alle jeg ønsket å ta farvel med.
Men – dere skal vite alle sammen at jeg husket dere og tenkte på dere til siste stund.
En epoke er over og det var fantastisk så lenge det varte.
Nå er som sagt stafettpinnen overlevert til Manda.
Takk for meg og takk for alt dere har vært for meg.